Upcoming events

External Seminar

MONDAY 23 MARCH at 1300, Pearson LT, Pearson Building, Gower Street.   
Dr Matteo Negroni -
University of Strasbourg
“HIV genetic flexibility: from natural evolution to biomedical applications"
Host: Dr Ari Fassati

Internal Seminar

TUESDAY 24 MARCH at 1300, Pearson LT, Pearson Building, Gower Street. 
Ms Judith Seidel
- Phd Thesis Seminar - Dept. of Immunology
"Investigating patterns of T cell differentiation in the blood and skin of patients with melanoma"
Group Leader: Prof Arne Akbar

Virtual Virology

THURSDAY 26 MARCH AT 4PM, Wilkins Gustave Tuck LT, Gower Street.

Chair: Professor Charles Bangham  (Imperial College)
The human leukaemia virus HTLV-1: clonality and epigenetic regulation of latency.
Charles Bangham:     HTLV-1 – regulation of clonality and latency.
Michi Miura:               Applying CRISPR to test the function of CTCF in HTLV-1.
Hiroko Yaguchi and Anat Melamed: HTLV-1 modifies higher-order structure of host chromatin.

MSc Infection and Immunity

The UCL Division of Infection and Immunity is a vibrant community of world-class scientists conducting basic and applied research in immunology, virology and microbiology. Our MSc programme is firmly anchored on this research and benefits from our strong clinical links with UCL partner hospitals.

The programme teaches the language and concepts of infection and immunity through research-led teaching and has a strong focus on critical analysis and data interpretation.  Programme content spans the range from basic science to translational clinical research and culminates in a full time research project, providing an excellent training and preparation for a research career.

Register for our Open Day: Monday 15 June

Apply for entry in 2015-16

Watch Dr Richard Milne, Programme Director, and recent graduate Marta talk about the programme.

Contact the programme administrator, Isabel Lubeiro for more information.

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