UCL Medical School


Personal Tutors

We aim to provide every student with a supportive mentor – someone who you will get to know and will see frequently, who is accessible and who you can turn to when the going gets tough.

Years 1-3 You will start with a group session (approx. five students) in Year 1 then individual meetings with your Personal Tutor, or email/phone support as needed, throughout the first two years of your course. In Year 3 you will be allocated an iBSc Personal Tutor in addition, but should keep in touch with your regular Personal Tutor for general MBBS advice.

Years 4-6 You will be allocated a new Personal Tutor at the start of Year 4, usually an NHS clinician, who will again start with a group session, then usually email or phone contact due to the variation in clinical placements. Your Personal Tutor in these years will be responsible for providing a reference for your Foundation School application.

MBPhD Students who are admitted to the MBPhD programme are allocated to an MBBS tutor in Year 4 and return to the same MBBS tutor for Years 5 and 6. During their PhD, personal tutoring is the responsibility of the MBPhD Programme Lead. 

Guidance for Personal Tutors and Students

  • Introduction
  • The personal tutor system at UCL Medical School
  • Aims of the personal tutor system
  • Personal Tutor Meetings and Contacts
  • Personal Tutor Meeting and Contacts Schedule

Supplementary Guidance for Personal Tutors

  • Role specification and responsibilities
  • Some general guidance
  • Further training and support
  • Writing personal references and sample references
  • Writing Foundation School (FPAS) references
  • Logistics and FAQs