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Years 1-6:

UCL Student Support and Wellbeing

Guide to Medical Student Support Systems

Fitness to Practise

Personal Tutor Scheme

Guidance for Personal Tutors and Students

  • Introduction
  • The personal tutor system at UCL Medical School
  • Aims of the personal tutor system
  • Personal Tutor Meetings and Contacts
  • Personal Tutor Meeting and Contacts Schedule

Supplementary Guidance for Personal Tutors

  • Role specification and responsibilities
  • Some general guidance
  • Further training and support
  • Writing personal references and sample references
  • Writing Foundation School (FPAS) references
  • Logistics and FAQs

Financial Support, Scholarship and Bursaries




  • UCL Financial Support
  • NHS Bursaries

  • Student Occupational Health

    Occupational Health services for UCLMS students are provided by UCL Occupational Health.  All medical students must complete health screening before participating in patient contact sessions in order to comply with GMC and Department of Health standards for medical training designed to ensure patient and personal safety.  Prospective medical students are required to complete a health questionnaire prior to enrolment as a condition of their offer.  Year 1 students are required to obtain health clearance during Year 1 Term 1 and full EPP clearance by Year 1 Term 2 Week 8.  

    UCL OH also offers appointments, advice and immunisations for UCL students preparing for electives overseas.  The costs of elective-related appointments and prescriptions are payable by the student.  These services are offered at non-profit prices at an approximate cost of £37 per half hour appointment for travel advice and immunisations.  For PEP, a 1 hour appointment is required to meet national OH guidelines, at a cost of approximately £75.   Student may approach the GP or other providers if they wish, but neither UCL OH nor the Medical School can offer advice or prices as we do not hold this information.   

    Visiting elective students are required to undergo OH screening as part of their admissions process and to attend an OH appointment on the first morning of their placement before participating in any patient contact sessions. 

    Cancellation fees are incurred for failure to attend an appointment unless notice is given on a working day at minimum 24 hours’ before the scheduled appointment time, and failure to pay charges issued by UCL OH within the timeframe given by them will result in a referral to the Medical School and the issue of a Concern over Professional Behaviour form.

  • Medical Student Societies