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Welcome to the UCL guide to the NHS ePortfolio. The ePortfolio system is currently used throughout the NHS Foundation Programme and beyond. UCL replaced its paper portfolio system with the electronic NHS ePortfolio in 2012. This serves as an online record of achievement and includes supervised learning events (SLEs), other extracurricular achievements and reflective work. Here you will find all the information you need, whatever year you are in.

For a general overview of the ePortfolio watch the NHS ePortfolio walk through, created by NES.

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What is an ePortfolio?

An ePortfolio is a collection of documents providing evidence of learning, achievements, and personal and professional development. The MBBS course is supported by a portfolio throughout the programme. In Years 1-3 this is on Moodle. In Year 4-6 you use a more clinically focused, professional ePortfolio. A portfolio is a place for you to reflect on and describe your learning and to collect and structure evidence of your achievements and competencies. All doctors now maintain a portfolio during training and for revalidation, and so this will prepare you for your postgraduate professional life. It should also help you prepare for writing application forms such as the Foundation Programme application.

How do I access my ePortfolio?

You can access your ePortfolio from: www.nhseportfolios.org. You will have been given your login details already. If you have lost your password, please look at the pages for Year 4, Year 5, or Year 6 for the right person to contact. 

There is an app in development to allow you to access certain elements on the go. Currently it allows you to log reflections and send tickets. Watch this space for additional functions….

SLEs and how to complete them

Supervised learning events (SLEs) include Case Based Discussions (CBD), Clinical assessment Exercises (mini-CEX), and Directly Observed Procedures (DOPS). These tools are designed to give you feedback on your performance, and in particular to give you specific tips or ideas to improve your clinical skills or knowledge. SLEs are deliberately designed not to be graded, as the focus should be on giving you feedback about how to improve. However, your performance may be taken into account when your supervisor completes an end of placement or end of module report. The SLEs you use are identical to the tools used in the Foundation Programme.

My coursework

ePortfolio Log

This is a suggested mechanism to support you to record your attendance at clinical teaching events and engagement in activities. It provides a convenient and efficient way, not only to record attendance, but only it provides an opportunity for reflective practice.

User guide for Coursework Log

How to complete SLEs
How to record an assessment immediately
How to send a ticket for later completion
Getting the most out of completing SLEs


What do I need to complete for Years 4, 5 and 6

The same tools are used across the later years of the UCL MBBS course, but the specific requirements for each year are different Make sure you are clear on the requirements for progression and deadlines for completion, and take every opportunity to get feedback on your progress.

Year 4 ePortfolio
Year 5 ePortfolio
Year 6 ePortfolio