Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC)


Karina Litvinova, Aston Medical Research Institute

Start: Nov 21, 2018 01:00 PM
End: Nov 21, 2018 02:00 PM

Location: UCL Bloomsbury - LT 1.02 - Malet Place Engineering Building

Title: Cancer detection in fluorescence spectra using deep learning


Currently, the leading causes of death among the worldwide population are cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is well documented that early diagnosis of cancer, as well as heart disease, is associated with improved prognosis. Meeting all these challenges will require new methods and devices with which, ideally, diseases can be caught and fought. Newest optical technologies are well suited to fill this need, based on collecting scattered or fluorescent light from tissue, and measuring changes in the amplitude, wavelength, and polarization state that result from the onset and progression of the disease. Laser-based devices for cancer detection with integrated Al can serve as the medical kit for new diagnostic and treatment technologies.


Dr Litvinova is a part of Aston Medical Research Institute, Birmingham UK. She works in the inter-disciplinary field of laser optics, biophotonics, and medical spectroscopy diagnostics. She is currently focusing on the development of effective diagnostics and therapy. Most of Dr Litvinova’s research specialises in advancing biophotonic technologies and ultimately providing consistent, reliable and meaningful diagnostic information within clinical practice, especially for the early diagnosis of conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer.