From research-led to research-based teaching

7 May 2014

Michael Arthur

The money and reputation at stake in the Research Excellence Framework have driven leaders, managers and academics at universities to devote great effort to the research side of their mission. On the other hand, forces such as the National Student Survey and the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education—not to mention the expectations of undergraduates paying £9,000 a year—are driving universities to deliver a high-quality education and an improved student experience. These pressures have driven teaching and research at universities apart in recent years. The temptation is to put each activity in its own box. But most researchers who choose to work at universities do so out of a deep-seated commitment to education. And students choose a university in part because they want to be where knowledge is created, not just imparted, writes Professor Michael Arthur (UCL President & Provost) in Research Fortnight.