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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Student architects’ annual shows: the shape of things to come?

UCL Bartlett School of Architecture's yearly exhibition offers flights of fancy, sci-fi visions and things of beauty from those destined to shape our built environment. Read: Guardian More...

Published: Jul 6, 2015 5:08:00 PM

More action needed to meet climate targets

A report by researchers from UCL, including Mr Steve Pye and Professor Neil Strachan (UCL Energy Institute), finds that stronger action is required to transform the UK’s energy system and reduce carbon emissions in line with 2050 targets. Read: The Engineer More...

Published: Jul 6, 2015 5:03:45 PM

Peeking into the brain's filing system

Research led by Dr Aidan Horner and Professor Neil Burgess (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) provides the first firm evidence for "pattern completion" in the human hippocampus. Read: BBC News, More: UCL News

Published: Jul 6, 2015 11:12:05 AM

How common drugs affect empathy and risk taking

Healthy people given the serotonin-enhancing antidepressant citalopram were willing to pay almost twice as much to prevent harm to themselves or others than those given placebo drugs in a moral decision-making experiment led by Dr Molly Crockett (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience). Read: Wired, More: UCL News

Published: Jul 3, 2015 10:48:33 AM

The danger virus mum can give her unborn baby

A report by researchers from UCL, including Professor Paul Griffiths (UCL Infection & Immunity), has found that as many as 1,000 babies a year are born with cytomegalovirus, or CMV. Read: Daily Mail More...

Published: Jun 30, 2015 10:22:31 AM