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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Capitalism doesn't mean more inequality

Publication date:

Thomas Piketty's popular theory that capitalism's current incarnation is leading to more inequality dsoesn't stack up, argues Professor Paul Ormerod (UCL Centre for Decision Making Uncertainty). Read: City AM

GP prescriptions to tackle loneliness in elderly

Publication date:

Dr Helen Chatterjee (UCL Museums & Collections) comments on 'social prescribing' and its positive effects on health. Watch: BBC News

Cycling does not cause infertility, British scientists find

Publication date:

Health myths which suggest cycling can lead to infertility and erectile dysfunction have been debunked in new research led by Dr Mark Hamer (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health). Read: Daily Telegraph

Same genes 'drive maths and reading ability'

Publication date:

Research led by Dr Oliver Davis (UCL Genetics) finds that around half of the genes that influence a child's aptitude for reading also play a role in how easily they learn maths, suggesting that hundreds of subtle DNA changes in genes combine to help shape a child's performance in both. Read: Guardian, More: BBC NewsTelegraphTimes (£), TES, UCL News

Cancer breakthrough as scientists discover how cells spread

Publication date:

A study led by Professor Roberto Mayor (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology) has uncovered insights into how cells move through the body, which could lead to innovative techniques to stop cancer cells from spreading and causing secondary tumours. Read: Daily Mail, More: UCL News

BBC admonished for giving climate change deniers equal air time

Publication date:

A report written by Professor Steve Jones (UCL Genetics) criticising the BBC for giving "undue attention to marginal opinion" is referenced in a BBC Trust progress report on ensuring accuracy and impartiality in BBC science coverage. Read: Washington Post

Scientists threaten to boycott €1.2bn Human Brain Project

Publication date:

Over 130 neuroscientists including UCL researchers have written to the European Commission to express concerns about its funding of the Human Brain Project, which aims to develop a supercomputer simulation of the human brain. Professor Peter Dayan (UCL Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit) describes the project as "radically premature". Read: The Guardian

Dovedale Roman and Iron Age coins found after 2,000 years

Publication date:

Stephanie Vasiliou (UCL Archaeology) explains the conservation process of cleaning Roman and Late Iron Age coins discovered in a cave in Dovedale in the Peak District. Watch: BBC One 'Countryfile' (from 26:10), Read: BBC News, More: Daily Mail, Mirror, City AM

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