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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Media headlines

The quiet art of being a good listener

Publication date:

Professor David McAlpine (UCL Ear Institute) gives his tips for mitigating the effects of hearing loss. Read: Financial Times

A poem a day

Publication date:

Following Dame Judi Dench's revelation that she tries to learn a new verse of poetry a day to boost her memory, Professor John Sutherland (UCL English Language & Literature) recommends which ones we should pick. Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘The World at One’ (from 40 mins 25 secs)

Experimental drugs for patients could be available from March after Government backs Saatchi Bill

Publication date:

Professor Michael Baum (UCL Department of General Surgery) comments on the Medical Innovation Bill, which if passed would make it easier for doctors to use experimental drugs on dying patients. Read: Telegraph, More: The Week

World's first space detective agency launched

Publication date:

Professor Ray Harris (UCL Geography) and Ray Purdy (UCL Laws) have launched Air & Space Evidence Ltd of London, the world's first space detective agency. Read: New Scientist, More: Daily Mail, Independent, Huffington Post, Herald Sun

Manipulating metabolism

Publication date:

Dr Nazif Alic (UCL Biosciences) examines if tweaking some of the genes involved in metabolic signalling could help to prolong healthy lifespan and if it could help us live forever. Listen: Naked Scientists

Killer in the brain could help treat Parkinson's

Publication date:

A team led by Dr Soledad Galli (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology) has found that the death of synapses in mice may be due to malfunctioning proteins called Wnt proteins, a discovery which could lead to new treatments for Parkinson’s disease. Read: New Scientist

Is sending shoppers ads by Bluetooth just a bit creepy?

Publication date:

Dr Charlene Jennett (UCL Interaction Centre) and Professor Angela Sasse (UCL Computer Science) examine how beacon technology in retail and marketing may be received by the public. Read: The Conversation

Myelin helps you learn new skills

Publication date:

A study led by Professor William Richardson (UCL Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research) has discovered new evidence of myelin’s essential role in learning and retaining new practical skills, such as playing a musical instrument. Read: Daily Mail, More: UCL News

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