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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Shining a light on babies’ brains for nutrition study

Publication date:

Professor Clare Elwell (UCL Medical Physics and Bioengineering) is part of a research team investigating the effects of food shortages, disease and poor healthcare on the brain development of infants in The Gambia. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation has given £2 million to support the project. Read: Evening Standard, More: Evening Standard (editorial)

Future of the A level in art history

Publication date:

Professor Mark Miodownik (UCL Mechanical Engineering) discusses the benefits of a well-rounded education as he argues in favour of keeping art history as an A level subject. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Today' (from 1 hr 50 mins 26 secs)

Medical experiments on primates

Publication date:

Emeritus Professor Roger Lemon (UCL Motor Neuroscience & Movement Disorders) defends the use of primates in research. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Today' (from 50 mins 32 secs)

Beyond Words

Publication date:

Beyond Words, a part of the Bloomsbury Festival which was hosted at UCL and sponsored by UCL Culture, is discussed. Listen: BBC Radio London 'Robert Elms' (from 24 mins 4 secs)

Here’s what happened at Habitat III

Publication date:

Dr Vanesa Castan Broto (UCL Bartlett Developmental Planning Unit) writes a recap of Habitat III, the United Nation’s global conference on the future of cities. Read: The Conversation

Why Big Liars Often Start Out as Small Ones

Publication date:

A new study by Neil Garrett, Dr Tali Sharot and Dr Stephanie Lazzaro (UCL Experimental Psychology) finds that telling small lies desensitises our brains to the negative emotions inherent to lying, and may encourage us to tell bigger lies in the future. Read: New York Times, More: Scientific American, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Express, The Conversation, New Scientist (£)

‘Physics isn’t all quantum weirdness. It’s about daily life’

Publication date:

Dr Helen Czerski (UCL Mechanical Engineering) is interviewed about her research into bubbles. Read: The Guardian

British scientists discover way to stop sperm swimming

Publication date:

Professor emeritus John Guillebaud (UCL Institute for Women's Health) comments on a research project developing a contraceptive pill for men. Read: Daily Mail, More: The Telegraph, Mirror

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