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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Media headlines

LGBT London: what venue closures mean for the capital's future

Publication date:

An article about the closure of LGBTQI nightlife spaces in London includes quotes from a report on the issue by the UCL Urban Laboratory. Read: The Guardian

Weird science pushes back the boundaries

Publication date:

Professor Andrew Fisher and Professor Jonathan Butterworth (UCL Physics & Astronomy) comment on the development of a fluid with negative mass that works counter to Newton's second law of motion as it moves slower when pushed. Read: The Times (£)

The four factors that decide how we feel about income inequality

Publication date:

Professor Adrian Furnham (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) writes about the complexities of income inequality, and when it seems most unjust. Read: The Conversation

Education Sec wants grammar schools for 'ordinary families'

Publication date:

Dr Alice Sullivan (UCL Institute of Education) comments on the government’s grammar schools plan, stating they are “by definition selective” and will “never be the solution for average or below average kids”. She argues the government should instead focus on getting good graduates into teaching and making sure it’s a successful profession. Watch: BBC News

Brain's 'hand area' used by other body parts in people born with one hand

Publication date:

A study co-led by Dr Tamar Makin (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) found that the area of the brain used to control the hand gets used instead to support the lips, feet or arms of people who were born with only one hand. Read: The Independent, More: The Times (£), Daily Mail, UCL News

Umbilical cord blood could slow brain's ageing, study suggests

Publication date:

Professor Rob Howard (UCL Psychiatry) says that while a study using infusions of a protein found in umbilical cord blood is interesting, it may just add to the list of Alzheimer's studies that have proven successful in mice but not in humans. Read: The Guardian

Are police forces equipped for changing crime patterns after years of cuts?

Publication date:

Professor Gloria Laycock (UCL Security and Crime Science) is interviewed about the challenges facing the new Metropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Today' (from 2 hrs 55 mins)

What Brexit should have taught us about voter manipulation

Publication date:

Research from UCL explains how a large group of bots can misrepresent public opinion. Read: The Guardian

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