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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Archive of Media headlines

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'Overreacting' managers take impact too far, debate hears

Publication date:

Professor Don Braben (UCL Earth Sciences), says academics are being discouraged from addressing "really profound subjects" such as consciousness or the origins of life because they could not guarantee they would make progress. Read: THE

'Boat' could explore the oceans of Saturn's moon Titan

Publication date:

"We're already talking to China and India in terms of future exploration," says Professor Andrew Coates (UCL Space & Climate Physics). Read: Guardian

‘Plague’ bones dug up at UCL set to go on display to public

Publication date:

A household jar of Bovril has helped forensic scientists solve the riddle of a mass grave discovered at UCL. Read: Camden New Journal More: Culture24

Art of the matter: Mystery of why some people are good at drawing and others aren't finally revealed

Publication date:

Researchers from UCL have found that how a person perceives reality, remembers visual information and select objects all play a part in producing realistic images. Read: Daily Mail More: LiveScience

Nanotechnology is ancient history

Publication date:

So can we call the craftsmen who made these materials nanotechnologists? Professor Ian Freestone (UCL Institute of Archaeology), thinks not. "They were highly skilled but they were not nanotechnologists. They did not know that they were working on the nanoscale," he says. Read: Guardian

Mad or bad? Breivik's mental state puzzles experts

Publication date:

"He's clever, effective. He's sane in that he knows what he has to do, but he is heartless in what he has done," says Dr James Thompson (UCL Psychology and Language Sciences). Read: Reuters More: China Daily

G-spot 'does exist'

Publication date:

“We seem obsessed with proving or disproving that orgasms 'happen' in the G-spot - or not," says Dr Petra Boynton (UCL Academic Centre of Medical Education). Read: Telegraph More: Mirror

Elderly 'will almost pay for NHS by 2030'

Publication date:

Elderly people's net economic contribution to Britain will almost equal the amount spent on the NHS within 20 years, according to a report from the UCL School of Pharmacy. Read: Telegraph More: Daily Mail UCL press release

Cryosat mission's new views of polar ice

Publication date:

"We can now say with good confidence that Cryosat's maps of ice thickness are correct to within 10-20cm," says Dr Seymour Laxon (UCL Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling). Read: BBC News More: Planet Earth

CityDashboard presents essential information about your hometown

Publication date:

Getting the "pulse" of a city in real-time is a tricky job, but a team working at the UCL Centre for Applied Spatial Analysis has come up with a dashboard for visualising key information about the place you live. Read: Wired UK

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