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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Archive of Media headlines

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Light and Dark

Publication date:

Dr Simon Werrett (UCL Science & Technology Studies) discusses the invention of the microscope against a backdrop of the Grant Museum's Micrarium, as part of a documentary exploring how mathematicians and scientists used light. Watch: BBC 4 (from 15mins 45)

Economics explains our world – but economics degrees don’t

Publication date:

Professor Wendy Carlin (UCL Economics) argues that the economics curriculum needs to be overhauled, saying: "We impose a curriculum that is increasingly remote from what economists now know, and more distant still from the pressing problems that drew our students to economics in the first place." Read: FT (£)

Millions of over-65s at risk from speedy pedestrian crossings

Publication date:

The charity Living Streets has called for an increase in "green man" time of three seconds, after research led by Dr Jennifer Mindell (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) found most over-65s walk far slower than the estimate of 1.2 metres per second which forms the basis for crossings. Read: Daily Telegraph (£), More: Herald Scotland, The Times (£), Daily Mail

London 2062: When football rules City

Publication date:

Football clubs could be paying fans to attend matches and running schools under visions of the future of London in 50 years. A new UCL book envisages a range of scenarios for 2062, including one in which London could rise to become a “prime megacity” because of technological innovation. Read: Evening Standard

Getting vaccinated is a civic duty, warn health experts

Publication date:

A new report calls for increased adult vaccination against infectious diseases, including seasonal influenza and whooping cough. Professor David Taylor (UCL School of Pharmacy), said “extending access” to vaccination has a “significant potential for improving public health” in the UK. Read: The Independent

Solar lasers, ocean power and volcanoes: unusual energy sources of the future

Publication date:

William McDowall (UCL Energy Institute) comments on alternative energy sources, saying: "In the year 2000, most alternative energy technologies were considered niche options that might one day show promise, now they're multi-billion dollar industries". Read: CNN

Daily walk can cut stroke risk in older men, study finds

Publication date:

A daily walk of at least one or two hours a day could cut by a third the risk of stroke in older men, a study by Dr Barbara Jefferis (UCL Primary Care and Population Health) has found. Read: Daily Telegraph More: Daily Mail

Warning over rising pulse rates in children

Publication date:

The resting pulse rate of UK children has risen over the last 30 years - suggesting they may be at higher risk of heart disease in later life, according to new research led by Dr Leah Li (UCL Institute of Child Health). Read: Daily Mail, Mirror, Telegraph

UCL leads grant income table

Publication date:

UCL won grants worth £135 million in 2012/13, £31 million more than any other institution, according to THE's annual analysis of research council data. Professor David Price (UCL Vice-Provost, Research) attributes the “tremendous boost” to emphasis on building cross-disciplinary consortia. Read: THE

New system for radiotherapy treatment

Publication date:

Dr Jayant Vaidya (UCL General Surgery) discusses the latest results from the TARGIT trial, which uses intraoperative radiotherapy for breast cancer. Listen: BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour (from 1min 40secs)

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