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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Forensic science in Hindi pulp fiction blockbusters

Publication date:

Scientific crime scene analysis is more popular in India’s pulp fiction than in real life investigations explains Dr Kartikeya Tripathi (UCL Security & Crime Science). Read: Independent, More: The Conversation

Europa: Our best shot at finding alien life?

Publication date:

Knowing there is liquid under the surface of Europa makes it one of the most exciting potential targets to look for life say Professor Andrew Coates and Dr Geraint Jones (UCL Space & Climate Physics) as NASA announces new mission to Jupiter's moon. Read: BBC News, More: Mirror

Pupils should learn to talk to avoid a future divorce

Publication date:

Poor communication is the main cause of marriage and cohabitation breakdown finds a new UCL-led study. Read: Daily Mail, More: UCL News

‘Moore’s law’ for carbon would defeat global warming

Publication date:

Professor Chris Rapley (UCL Earth Sciences) comments that a new “carbon law” is a helpful way to re-express the Paris climate change deal goal but cautions against scientists being too prescriptive in the policies governments should adopt. Read: Guardian

The shape of things to come in higher education

Publication date:

Professor Rose Luckin (UCL Institute of Education) comments on how artificial intelligence could be incorporated into teaching practice. Read: THE

Moderate drinking can lower risk of heart attack, says study

Publication date:

A study involving UCL researchers found that moderate drinkers are less at risk of a heart attack and some other heart conditions when compared to non-drinkers and heavy drinkers. Co-author Dr Annie Britton (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) comments. Read: The Guardian, More: The Sun, Independent, Daily Mail, Express

Stem Cell Research and AMD

Publication date:

Professor Pete Coffey (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) is interviewed about a recent US case of three women who paid for stem cell treatment in a private clinic which left them with virtually no vision, while discussing whether that could happen in the UK. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'In Touch'

Parenting: How do you help teenagers revise for exams?

Publication date:

Dr Antonia Cobbald (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) is interviewed about how parents can support their children who are studying for exams. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Woman's Hour'

Lack of drugs available for pregnant women

Publication date:

Dr Anna David (UCL Institute for Women’s Health) is interviewed about the lack of treatments available for obstetric diseases that affect many pregnant women. Listen: BBC Radio 4 ‘Inside Health’ (from 21 mins 40 secs)

How the capital commutes: London interactive map shows traffic flows

Publication date:

A map developed by Oliver O’Brien (UCL Geography) shows how many cars, bicycles and other vehicles pass through London intersections at rush hour. Read: Wired

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