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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Archive of Media headlines

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Cambridge Mill Road chalk graffiti charts scientists' community data

Publication date:

Lisa Koeman and Vaiva Kalnikaite (UCL Department of Computer Science), are collecting "community data" and presenting it as street art. Read: BBC News

Spectral library chronicles chemical evolution of Italian stamps

Publication date:

Prof Robin Clark (UCL Chemistry) says that, while useful in philatelic studies, the database is not entirely foolproof as not all the components are detectable with FT-IR alone. Read: Chemistry World

Nanomagnets clean blood

Publication date:

‘The significant advance of this work over previous research is that they used nanoparticles with a high magnetic moment,’ says Nguyen T K Ngan (UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health) Read: Chemistry World

BBC Newsnight: Syria

Publication date:

Dr Meg Russell (UCL Political Science) says, "over the last decade - particularly in the run up to Iraq - we've seen more pressure for parliament to have explicit decsion making power." Watch: Newsnight (from 15mins 30secs)

Dementia patients face higher risk of urinary incontinence

Publication date:

British researchers, from UCL, Kingston University and St. George's University, looked at the records of more than 200,000 seniors, about a quarter of whom had dementia, to determine whether dementia played a role in incontinence diagnoses. Read: McKnights

Lactose Tolerance And Multiple Genetic Adaptations - A Soft Selective Sweep

Publication date:

Dr. Bryony Jones (UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment) "Such variations have so far been very poorly studied and it will be important for them to be better characterized to understand better the relationship between historic adaptation and 21st century disease susceptibility." Read: Science 2.0

Syria: legal doubt cast on British government's case for intervention

Publication date:

Prof Philippe Sands (UCL Faculty of Laws)  said the argument set out on Thursday by Dominic Grieve, "is premised on factual assumptions – principally that the weapons were used by the Syrian government..." Read: Guardian More: Guardian(2)

English Gay Youth Twice As Likely To Smoke And Drink Hazardously

Publication date:

Lead researcher Dr Gareth Hagger-Johnson, from the UCL Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, said: “Our research shows that despite recent social change, young people today who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual are twice as likely to have smoked as their heterosexual peers." Read: The Gay UK

Follow the money: investigators trace forgotten story of Britain's slave trade

Publication date:

Prof Catherine Hall (UCL History) says: "There was a strong sense that it was a national sin.." Read/Watch: The Guardian

Socio-economic class is a factor in the prospects of people with glaucoma

Publication date:

Researchers from UCL checked the socio-economic status of 220 patients newly diagnosed with glaucoma at three English hospitals. Those with late glaucoma were of lower occupational status, lower educational level, and were less likely to own a car or their own home. Read: Tele-Management

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