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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Raiders of the lost archives

Publication date:

In the age of digitisation, the 'search' part of research has become a virtual experience. Although progress has many advantages, Professor John Sutherland (UCL English Literature & Language) laments the end of the scholar-adventurer and the thrill of discovery amid dusty, uncatalogued manuscripts. Read: THE

Experts climbed mountain to study effects of low levels of oxygen on bodies

Publication date:

A UCL mission to the top of Mount Everest has helped experts understand how to improve care of patients in intensive care. Read: Camden New Journal

11,000 Super-Tornadoes Storm the Sun's Surface?

Publication date:

Dr Sergei Zharkov (UCL Space & Climate Physics) talks about how solar tornadoes heat the sun’s corona. Read: National Geographic

In the grand sweepstakes, Cambridge takes top spot

Publication date:

UCL has come joint seventh in the THE’s Table of Tables. Read: Times Higher Education

'Smoking vaccine' blocks nicotine in mice brains

Publication date:

"The technology underpinning gene therapy is improving all the time and it is encouraging to see these preliminary results that indicate it could be used to address nicotine addiction," says Dr Simon Waddington (UCL Reproductive Medicine). Read: BBC News

Finch's open-access cure may be 'worse than the disease'

Publication date:

Professor David Price (UCL Vice-Provost, Research) comments on the recommendations that authors pay fees to make their articles open access, helping to increase access to publicly funded UK research. Read: Times Higher Education

Fifth of care homes failing to meet medication standards

Publication date:

The findings chime with a 2009 report by Professor Nick Barber (UCL School of Pharmacy), which found on any given day seven in 10 care home residents have a medication error. Read: Telegraph

U.K. Seeks House of Lords Overhaul

Publication date:

The chances are good that the latest measures get defeated in the House of Commons, says Dr Meg Russell (UCL Constitution Unit). "When members of Parliament really don't want to do something, parties can't make them do it," she said. Read: Wall Street Journal (£)

Rabbits kept alive by oxygen injections

Publication date:

In the late nineteenth century, US doctor John Harvey Kellogg experimented with oxygen enemas — an idea that has been revived in recent decades in the form of bowel infusers – says Professor Mervyn Singer (UCL Clinical Physiology). Read: Nature

Why Nick Clegg’s Senate is seriously flawed

Publication date:

Sensible changes to the House of Lords are the answer – not a Bill that would create far more problems than it solves, says Professor Lord Kakkar (UCL Partners). Read: Telegraph

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