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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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For Spanish workers, Europe's not working

Publication date:

"Where governments are able to manage the inflow they are becoming more selective," says Professor John Salt (UCL Geography). "What they want are workers with high-level skills who can initiate new ideas or developments, or fill certain skill gaps." Read: Reuters

Reptile slices food with 'steak-knife teeth'

Publication date:

A study led by Dr Marc Jones (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology) has revealed that tuatara’s chew like no other land animal, using a unique “steak-knife sawing motion". Read: BBC (1) More: BBC (2) Wired New Scientist NY Times

How cities can become healthy places

Publication date:

With the proportion of the world’s population that lives in cities steadily rising, the UCL/Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities has explored how urban planning contributes to population health. Read: BBC More: Telegraph BBC World Service (from 35mins) Daily Mail BBC 5 Live Express

The lake that time forgot

Publication date:

Dr Lewis Dartnell (UCL Space & Climate Physics) says that for the study of life, both on Earth and elsewhere in the universe, Lake Vostok could be a breakthrough. Read: Telegraph

An Evolutionary Theory of Dentistry

Publication date:

Professors Christopher Dean (UCL Cell and Developmental Biology) and Simon Hillson (UCL Archaeology) talk about dental ageing in humans, and primates. Read: Science

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Publication date:

“The poor Aztecs have been made out to be the most brutal people in the world, but if it’s actually warfare, they killed few people,” says Professor Elizabeth Graham (UCL Archaeology). Read: Science More: Times (£)

Climate change wiped out one of the world's first, great civilisations more than 4,000 years ago

Publication date:

Dr Dorian Fuller (UCL Archaeology) talks about how Climate change led to the collapse of the ancient Indus civilization more than 4,000 years ago. Read: Daily Mail

It brings joy to countless families, but as another disturbing study emerges, what is the truth about IVF and birth defects?

Publication date:

Dr Alastair Sutcliffe (UCL Institute of Child Health) talks about how he’s using the vast Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority database for two new studies, which hopes to reveal what happens later in life to babies conceived by IVF and their mothers. Read: Daily Mail

Have YOU inherited the heart attack gene? He was a healthy eater, but Jonathan still needed a triple heart bypass

Publication date:

Professor Steve Humphries (UCL Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics) comments on the need to carry out screenings for genes associated with heart attacks. Read: Daily Mail

Winning the Wolfson bid: how UCL secured its biggest research grant…

Publication date:

Earlier this year UCL received £20m worth of philanthropic funding to set up a new experimental neurology centre. Lori Manders (UCL Development and Alumni Relations) explains how the bid was won. Read: The Guardian

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