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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Archive of Media headlines

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Gene therapy success as teen injected with own stem cells

Publication date:

Researchers at the UCL Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond Street Hospital used gene therapy to boost the immune system. The news comes with a plan for a new £66m Centre for Children’s Rare Disease Research. Read: BBC News, Telegraph, More: Press releases (1) and (2)

Pedigree Dogs Exposed: Three Years On

Publication date:

Professor Steve Jones (UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment) comments on pedigree dogs, and the genetic risks they face due to inbreeding. Watch: BBC4’s Pedigree Dogs Exposed (from 39mins 49s)

Couples 'misinformed' about twins

Publication date:

New research from UCL suggests that almost one in seven couples expecting same-sex twins are given the wrong information about whether their offspring are identical. Read: Press Association Independent (Ireland) New York Times USA Today

University Challenge

Publication date:

UCL beat Balliol College, Oxford by 90 points to go through to the semi-finals. Watch: BBC2 University Challenge

How jeans conquered the world

Publication date:

Professor Danny Miller (UCL Anthropology) talks about the rise of jeans, and their cultural significance. Read: BBC News More: BBC World Service The Forum

Do men have a genetic future?

Publication date:

Dr Max Reuter (UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment) talks about the Y chromosome, and explains why it's in such bad genetic shape. Listen: BBC Radio 4’s Material World

Universities can be powerhouses of UK innovation

Publication date:

If we are to become truly world leading, then our universities’ ambition and scientific innovation must be matched and supported by the commercial world, says Professor Stephen Caddick (UCL Vice-Provost, Enterprise). Read: City A.M More: Huffington Post THE

Turing centenary: Is the brain a good model for machine intelligence?

Publication date:

Dr Demis Hassabis (UCL Institute of Neurology) talks about the contributions neuroscience can make towards progress in AI, and modelling the brain's algorithms. Read: Nature (£)

Infectious disease: Chronicles of a killer virus

Publication date:

Just over 30 years after HIV/AIDS was first recognized, three accounts of its ravages intrigue Professor Robin Weiss (UCL Research Department of Infection). Read: Nature (£)

Mapping areas of the brain

Publication date:

Professor Patrick Haggard (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience) talks about free will and conscience thought. Listen: BBC Radio 4 Today (from 21min 42s)

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