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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Archive of Media headlines

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Clopidogrel Testing Comes Under Fire

Publication date:

A new study by Dr Michael Holmes (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) and colleagues has casts doubt on the usefulness of a highly touted genetic test for patients taking the popular anti-clotting drug Clopidogrel. Read: Forbes More: Wall Street Journal (£)

Brain Implant Cures Woman's Tourette's Tics

Publication date:

A patient who is part of the first UK trial to evaluate the impact of 'deep brain stimulation' on Tourette's has experienced a dramatic recovery. Read: Sky News More: Evening Standard Independent UCLH press release

Boom, bust and bonuses

Publication date:

Like capitalism, science has flaws, but it's the best we've got, says Dr Kevin Fong (UCL Neuroscience, Physiology & Pharmacology). Read: THE

Independent voices of 2011: The most influential non-celebrity users of Twitter

Publication date:

Described as a “key voice in an increasingly digital future”, Dr Sue Black (UCL Computer Science) wins the most influential non-celebrity tweeter in technology. Read: Independent

Christmas University Challenge

Publication date:

UCL graduates Lucy Jones, Trevor Lock, Fiona Armstrong and Michael White play Magdalen College, Oxford on the Christmas edition of the quiz University Challenge. Watch: BBC2 'Christmas University Challenge'

"Medical exams need to be as rigorous as in the U.K."

Publication date:

Professor Jane Dacre (UCL Medical School) highlights some aspects of medical education that need reform in India. Read: The Hindu

Talk this way - the new lexicon for 2011

Publication date:

Dan Clayton (UCL English Language & Literature) on UCL's Survey of English Usage, and how 2011 was characterised by the repurposing of words. Read: Evening Standard

Astronomers find important planets

Publication date:

“I think we will find life out there”, says Dr Lucie Green (UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory). Watch: BBC News (from 24 mins)

India to cut out animal dissection

Publication date:

Dr Anjali Goswami (UCL Genetics, Evolution and Environment) comments on the phasing out of animal dissection in UK and US universities. Read: Nature News

University Challenge

Publication date:

UCL play the University of Manchester on the popular quiz University Challenge. Watch: BBC2 'University Challenge'

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