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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Archive of Media headlines

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Quarter of Brits suffer 'pavement rage'

Publication date:

Professor Michael Batty (UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis) comments on the issues surrounding crowded shopping environments, saying: "During busy shopping periods, the limited pavement space available is put under pressure to accommodate an increasing density of pedestrians." Read: Daily Telegraph

High sodium levels in drugs ‘put patients at risk’

Publication date:

New research involving Dr Li Wei (UCL School of Pharmacy) highlights high salt levels in some common medicines, calling for clearer labeling in order to limit the risk of cardiovascular events. Read: The Guardian, More: Daily Mail, UCL News

Committee meeting today on mad cow disease

Publication date:

Professor John Collinge (UCL Institute of Neurology) comments on data suggesting 1 in 2,000 people in the UK are carriers of vCJD , in light of a parliamentary committee on the issue being held today, saying: “These are diseases that incubate silently in humans for decades.” Listen: BBC R4 Today (from 55 mins)

Modern life 'turning people off sex'

Publication date:

Results published in The Lancet give the most detailed picture yet of the British population’s sex lives over the last 10 years, as part of the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal). Study Principal Investigator Professor Dame Anne Johnson (UCL Infection & Population Health) said: “We tend to think these days we live in an increasingly sexually liberal society, but the truth is far more complex.”
Read: BBC Online
, More: The Independent, Metro, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, The Times (£), Daily Mail, UCL News and extensive national and international coverage

Exercise in sixties boosts healthy ageing

Publication date:

Regular exercise in later life can dramatically boost the chance of healthy ageing, a UCL study suggests. Dr Hark Hamer (UCL Epidemiology & Public Health) said: "The take-home message really is to keep moving when you are elderly.”
Read: The Daily Telegraph
, More: Daily Express, Daily Mail, BBC Online

How can we end the male domination of philosophy?

Publication date:

There is still an 'aristocracy of sex' in the world of philosophy, says Professor Jonathan Wolff (UCL Philosophy), where women find it hard to thrive. Read: The Guardian

Shale gas no easy bonanza

Publication date:

Shale gas will be an important part of Australia's energy mix, but will not be a "great bonanza that will be easily won", according to industry experts including Professor Paul Stevens (UCL Australia). Read: The Adelaide Advertiser

Archaeologists looking for Stonehenge origins 'are digging in wrong place'

Publication date:

The exact origin of the Stonehenge bluestones appears to have been revealed according to new research by Dr Rob Ixer (UCL Institute of Archaeology) and colleagues. Read: The Guardian, More: BBC News, Daily Mail

The idea of a university

Publication date:

Professor Michael Arthur's (UCL President & Provost) views on why teaching must become as important as research – and how this might be achieved – are covered in a news article and accompanying editorial. Read: The Times (1) (2) (£)

Nightwaves: The Gettysburg Address

Publication date:

Dr Adam Smith (UCL History) reflects on the political philosophy underlying the rhetoric of the Gettysburg address, given by Abraham Lincoln 150 years ago. Listen: BBC Radio 3 'Nightwaves' (from 24mins)

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