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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Archive of Media headlines

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Secretary Clinton holds global town hall

Publication date:

Octavia Zahrt-Omar (UCL European Social & Political Studies) and Elisa Elschner (UCL Political Science) ask U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton questions about America’s foreign policy. Watch: YouTube (from 31mins 27s) More: UCL European Institute

Poles vault: Polish leaps up language list to become second most common in England

Publication date:

“This latest migration has brought large numbers of highly ¬qualified dentists and engineers – people who we have an enormous shortage of in this country,” said Dr Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski (UCL SSEES). Read: Mirror

Do men who wash up really have less sex?

Publication date:

Professor Ruth Mace (UCL Anthropology) comments on the relationship between sex, marriage and gender roles. Read: Telegraph

Why humans cry: Shedding an anguished tear enabled us to communicate before language, expert claims

Publication date:

“Humans cry for many reasons. But crying for emotional reasons and crying in response to aesthetic experiences are unique to us,” said Professor Michael Trimble (UCL Institute of Neurology). Read: Daily Mail

Why lethal drink never gave Claire a chance of survival

Publication date:

Professor William McKenna (UCL Centre for Cardiology in the Young), said he had found "significant levels" of the amphetamine-like substance in her blood. The energy drink had been, he added, "an important factor" in her death. Read: Guardian More: Telegraph

UK research councils could face mergers

Publication date:

“[The recommendations] will have wide implications for the research sector… I don’t think it’s widely known that this is going on,” said Professor David Price (UCL Vice-Provost, Research). Read: Nature

Great Houses with Julian Fellowes

Publication date:

Professor Stephen Conway (UCL History) talks about Goodwood House in Sussex, which for 300 years was the home of the Dukes of Richmond, descendants of Charles II and his mistress Louise de Kerouaille. Watch: ITV’s Great Houses with Julian Fellowes (from 21mins)

Cancer fight 'hampered in UK by stiff upper lip'

Publication date:

The UK's ‘stiff upper lip’ culture may explain why it lags behind other countries when it comes to beating cancer, according to a new UCL study. Read: BBC News More: Telegraph Telegraph II Metro UCL News

Creeping privatisation

Publication date:

Professor Matthew Carmona (UCL Bartlett School of Planning) comments on the increasing levels of privatisation in London. Watch: BBC One Inside Out (from 13mins)

BMI: Does the Body Mass Index need fixing?

Publication date:

“BMI can't do better than make a guess as to how much fat there is,” says Professor Tim Cole (UCL Institute of Child Health). Read: BBC News More: BBC World Service More or Less Voice of Russia

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