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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Radical ketamine therapy could treat alcohol addiction

Publication date:

A team led by Dr Ravi Das (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) is investigating whether ketamine's influence on memory development could help treat alcohol addiction. Read: The Guardian, More: Metro

Why can't the UK government trigger Brexit?

Publication date:

Dr Alan Renwick (UCL Constitution Unit), Professor Piet Eeckhout (UCL Laws) and Professor Robert Hazell (UCL Constitution Unit) discuss the implications of the UK Supreme Court ruling that Brexit must be put before Parliament. Watch: BBC World Service 'Newshour'More: BBC Radio London 'Petrie Hosken' (from 2 hrs 50 mins 10 secs), Yahoo! News, Deutsche Welle

The Muslim veil remains an ideological battleground

Publication date:

Katarzyna Falęcka (UCL History of Art) writes about the long history of the Muslim veil being used for political purposes, drawing from her research into photographs of the Algerian war. Read: The Conversation

'Let’s make Ofsted a force for good’

Publication date:

Professor Frank Coffield (UCL Institute of Education) pens an open letter suggesting how to transform Ofsted into a trusted catalyst of improvement for schools. Read: Times Educational Supplement

Elderly people three times more likely to die in year following breaking hip

Publication date:

Dr Michail Katsoulis (UCL Health Informatics) led a study finding that a hip fracture is associated with increased mortality from numerous causes. Read: Daily Mail

Tesla crash report blames human error - this is a missed opportunity

Publication date:

Dr Jack Stilgoe (UCL Science & Technology Studies) writes about the missed opportunities for learning and regulation improvement that the crash report of a car using an autopilot system could have offered. Read: The Guardian

The Science of Everyday Life

Publication date:

Dr Helen Czerski (UCL Mechanical Engineering) takes part in a panel discussing the science of everyday subjects such as tea spilling and teacup acoustics, and demonstrates how dropping raisins in a bottle of lemonade reveals how the Titanic sunk. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'The Infinite Monkey Cage'

Science of Laughter

Publication date:

Professor Sophie Scott (UCL Psychology & Language Sciences) is interviewed about the physiology of laughter, how we evolved to laugh, and its purpose. Listen: BBC Radio 5 '5 live Science' (from 39 mins 25 secs)

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