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The UCL Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

We connect journalists to expert academics and promote UCL research and teaching throughout the global media.

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Strange 'power pose' has no effect, says power pose expert

Publication date:

A UCL study finding a wide stance can help women be taken more seriously at work is mentioned. Read: The Independent

Garden ponds 'playing role' in frog disease spread

Publication date:

Dr Stephen Price (UCL Biosciences) comments on his new study finding the lethally infectious frog disease ranavirus has spread quickly across the UK, possibly due to infected animals in ornamental ponds. Read: BBC News, More: The Telegraph, The Guardian

Concern over bowel cancer patients with symptoms year before diagnosis

Publication date:

Dr Cristina Renzi (UCL Epidemiology & Health) led a study finding that one in five patients given an emergency diagnosis of bowel cancer experienced concerning symptoms long before diagnosis. Read: The Guardian, More: The Telegraph, Daily Mail, BBC News, Huffington Post, Metro

Crisis and Uncertainty

Publication date:

Emeritus Professor Marcus Giaquinto (UCL Philosophy) explains Bertrand Russell's paradox with a related paradox of a nun praying for all members of her convent who do not pray for themselves. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'A History of the Infinite'

Do we get enough rest?

Publication date:

Dr Gemma Lewis (UCL Psychiatry) discusses research she conducted into people's resting habits and what they consider to be restful. Listen: BBC Radio London 'Nikki Bedi' (from 1 hr 35 mins 36 secs)

Warning to archaeology pupils sparks fears over cosseted generation

Publication date:

A content warning is included in the syllabus of a course on the archaeologies of modern conflict addressing the possibility of a student needing to leave the room during a discussion. Read: Daily Mail

'Virtual unwrapping' used to read ancient biblical scroll reduced to charcoal

Publication date:

Professor Melissa Terras (UCL Information Studies) comments on the use of a new technology to digitally unfurl a scroll that was badly burned 1,400 years ago. Read: The Guardian

Switzerland will notify citizens when they have been spied on

Publication date:

Dr Lukasz Olejnik (UCL Computer Science) comments on Switzerland's new surveillance laws which will require the Swiss intelligence agency to inform citizens if they've been monitored, unless notifying them would be against the public interest, affect legal proceedings or put people at risk. Read: The Telegraph

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