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Marine Research Group

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  • Naval Architecture
  • Marine engineering, including off shore energy technologies
  • High performance computations applied to challenges in the marine sector
  • Monitoring and integrity of large scale structure
  • Power systems within the marine sector

The Marine Research Group focuses on supporting the marine and naval sector through research and consultancy activities. The material, structural, hydrodynamical and energy aspects of design are strongly represented within the group. Over the past decade UCL has taken a pioneering role in developing the trimaran from a concept which had hitherto been applied only to yacht and powerboat design, to a concept suitable for large naval ships.

Academic Staff
Prof David Andrews Dr Alistair Greig
Prof Richard Bucknall Ms Ema Muk-Pavic
Dr Kevin Drake Dr P J Tan
Eur Ing David Fellows Prof Paul Wrobel
Dr Paul Fromme Prof Guo Xiong Wu

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