Undergraduate programmes

Engineering (Mechanical) BEng
Engineering (Mechanical) MEng
Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) BEng
Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) MEng

Integrated Engineering Programme

Studying Mechanical Engineering at UCL means learning the core analytical and practical skills of the discipline, in the wider context of our faculty's Integrated Engineering Programme.

This means you will work on practical engineering challenges from day one, collaborating in multidisciplinary teams, with students from Computer Science, Civil and Electrical Engineering amongst others. 

It also means that, along with the engineering knowledge you will acquire, you will develop essential skills to further enhance your employability. Further, you will be able to tailor your course to your specific interests as they develop, choosing from a range of minors from Aersopace to Biomechanics.

Learn more about our distinct approach to engineering education in this video.



All our undergraduate degree programmes are accredited by the Institution for Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

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