Other Courses

Marine Technology Education Consortium (MTEC)

The department is a member of the Marine Technology Education Consortium (MTEC) which was formed to provide professional development for graduates working in the marine industry.

Information about the training MTEC can offer can be obtained from www.mtec.ac.uk.

Continuing Professional Development

It is possible to attend for just part of our MSc courses, for example the Ship Design Exercise or just one or two modules. On completion you will be awarded a certificate of attendance and will receive no formal qualification from UCL. It can be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or further learning to Masters level as defined under UK-SPEC. Exchange students may also attend selected parts of MSc courses. Applications to attend for part of an MSc are considered on a case by case basis and should be made directly to the MSc Admissions Tutor.  Students attending for CPD are still normally required to meet our MSc entry requirements.

Short Courses

The department offers the following short course:

Continuing Professional Development

  • Selected MSc Modules

For further information please contact c.wormald@ucl.ac.uk

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