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Module Descriptor

MECHGM91 Group Design Project

Alt. Codes(s) None
Title Group Design Project
Level MSc
UCL units/ECTS 15 / 7.5
Start November
End May
Taught by Supervision from members of staff from Department
  Dr Suwan Jayasinghe Module Co-ordinator

Prerequisites and Co-requisite
There are no prerequisites or co-requisites
Course Aims
To provide experience of working as a multi-disciplinary group, in liaison, where possible, with industry, in order to design a complex engineering product/system or service under stringent time and resource limitations. It provides the students with an opportunity to apply the engineering knowledge and skills acquired in the earlier part of the course to a multifaceted design problem. It also presents the students with an opportunity to: apply formal project management techniques such as planning, resource allocation, cost estimation, project monitoring and reporting; to develop commercial skills and business awareness. This module runs over the second and third terms of the academic year for all MSc students in Mechanical Engineering and Power Systems Engineering. The projects are wide ranging in their theme and each is championed by an individual academic. The students choose their own project and group members but will be limited to only approximately six members per group.

Method of Instruction

  • Introductory lectures and support from module coordinator including risk management and project organisation and scheduling.
  • Independent study individually and as a group
  • Group meetings, progress reports and presentations
  • Supervision by a member of academic staff and where appropriate by industry.
  • Group presentations with feedback

The groups will have the opportunity to present their progress through two presentations and finally through a collated group project report with the additional inclusion of a two page report for each member justifying their contribution to the overall goal of the project.

  • First presentation – 10% for a 10 minute presentation with 5 minutes questions
  • Second presentation – 20% for a 15 minute presentation with 5 minutes questions
  • Final report – 55% format which would be discussed and agreed with the groups chosen project champion
  • Individual contribution – 15% for a 2 page justification.

Recommended Reading

Additional Information
Module title under review new title to be “Group design project”

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