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2014-2015 Term dates

Third Term

Monday 27 April - Friday 12 June

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Module Descriptor

MECHGM04 Vibrations, Acoustics & Control

Alt. Codes(s) MECHM008, very similar to MECHGR04
Title Vibrations, Acoustic & Control
Level MSc, MEng
UCL Credits/ECTS 15 / 6
Start September
End March
Taught by Dr Paul Fromme (33%) Module Coordinator
  Prof Nader Saffari (33%)
  Prof Richard Bucknall (33%)

Vibrations and Control knowledge equivalent to undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. UG level Solid/Fluid Mechanics. UG level Engineering Mathematics.
Course Aims
The Vibrations part of the course reinforces the modelling and vibrations knowledge from UG level. Building on these skills and mathematical tools, vibrations in more realistic and complex structures are investigated and analysed, increasing the understanding of vibration problems in engineering structures. The main aims of this course in digital control systems are:

  • To give students an appreciation of the need for modern control systems
  • To explain and discuss the systems that make up modern control systems
  • To provide students with mathematical tools needed in the design and performance analysis of digital control systems

In the Acoustics part of the course, the aim is to impart knowledge of the sources and nature of acoustic noise in an engineering environment. The coverage starts with basic physical concepts and leads on to the treatment of vibrating structure/fluid interactions for a number of simple examples of practical interest.

Method of Instruction


The course has the following assessment components:

  • Written Examination (2 hours, 65%) answer any 3 questions from 5
  • Worksheet (35%)

To pass this course, students must:

  • Obtain an overall pass mark of 50% for all sections combined


  • Digital Control Systems B.C. Kuo Saunders College Publishing
  • Design of Feedback Control Systems R.T. Stefani, B. Shahian, C.J. Savant Jr., and G.H. Hostetter Oxford University Press
  • Digital Control of Dynamic Systems G.F. Franklin and J.D. Powell Addison-Wesley Publishing
  • Real-Time Computer Control: An Introduction S. Bennett Prentice Hall International
  • Control Systems Theory O.I. Elgerd McGraw-Hill
  • The Art of Control Engineering K. Dutton, S. Thompson, B. Barraclough Addison-Wesley
  • Control System Design and Simulation J. Golten, A. Verwer McGraw-Hill
  • ‘Fundamentals of Acoustics’ Fourth Edition (2000). L.E. Kinsler, A.R Frey, A.B. Coppens and J.V. Sanders. John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-84789-5.
  • ‘Sound and Structural Vibration’ (1985). F. Fahy, Academic Press, ISBN 0-12-247671-9.
  • Theory of Vibration with Applications W. T. Thomson and M. D. Dahleh Chapman & Hall

Additional Information
All the material in this module is common to MECHGR04. Students on the MSc Marine Engineering take MECHGR04 instead of MECHGM04. The former includes additional lectures on underwater acoustics. Four of the exam questions are common to both modules, the fifth exam question is on general acoustics for MECHGM04 and on underwater acoustics for MECHGR04.

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