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Module Descriptor

MECHGM02 Power Transmission & Auxiliary Machinery Systems

Alt. Codes(s) MECHM006
Title Power Transmission & Auxiliary Machinery Systems
Level MEng/MSc
UCL Units 0.5
Credits/ECTS 15 / 7.5
Start September
End March
Taught by Dr Ali Abolfathi Module Coordinator
  Dr William Suen
  Dr Chris Nightingale

Undergraduate level solid mechanics, with a sound understanding of dynamics, fluid mechanics and a good understanding of engineering mathematics.
Course Aims
To provide an overview of the consideration necessary in coupling a prime mover, via a transmission system invariable incorporating a gearbox, and an hydraulic or pneumatic pump or compressor. Additionally, the course provides an introduction to the application of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) to an engineering system. The main aims the module are:

  • To provide students with the skills necessary in the design and selection of components in a power train
  • To explain and discuss the factors affecting the performance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • To provide students with mathematical tools needed in the design and critically assess some of the major factors affecting the performance of a power train system and its coupling to a prime mover and a hydraulic or pneumatic pump.
  • To provide by way of a project an introduction to the use RAM analysis to an engineering system

In the RAM part of the course students are expected to undertake a systems engineering a military helicopter in the assessment stage of its development and are required to:

  • recommend the best combination of systems based on analysis of capability, reliability, development, running and life-cycle costs, as well as development time,
  • define the simplifying assumptions,
  • recommend the types of RAM contracts and contract conditions needed to ensure the contractor delivers the required RAM performance; professional ethics and responsibilities

Method of Instruction
The course is delivered in a series of lectures organised in blocks and each covering a specific component of a power train system, while emphasis is placed on consideration of the complete system. The coursework is based on a series of lectures concerned with RAM and is divided into two exercises: the first a group activity and the second more substantial project undertaken individually.

The course has the following assessment components:

  • Written Examination (2 hours, 65%) answer any 3 questions from 5
  • Coursework (35%)

To pass this course, students must:

  • Obtain an overall pass mark of 50% for all sections combined

Additional Information
The coursework for this course is based on Topic 6 in the lecture series and consists of a major analytical study and a tutorial assessment. A tutorial sheet will be provided following the lectures on RAM mathematics and the solutions will be undertaken in groups. The attempts from each group will be marked and handed back before the start of the next assignment. Mr Eccles will set this assignment and students will be asked to complete it individually and hand it in for marking.

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