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Module Descriptor

MECHGF99 Individual Project

Alt. Codes(s) None
Title Individual Project
Level M
UCL Credits / ECTS 60/24
Start January
End September
Taught by
Dr PJ Tan Module Coordinator
  Supervision from members of staff from Department

All courses taught in the MSc programmes.
Course Aims
The individual project aims to develop independent research and project management skills and to improve technical writing and critical analysis ability. The student will be required to conduct an individual piece of research over an extended period of time and to produce a coherent body of work to a deadline. Guidance will be provided by an academic supervisor but it is expected that the work and effort is driven and managed by the student. The output consists of a presentation followed by a question and answer session and a theses of up to10,000 words. The practical and experimental skills learnt are dependent upon the type of project chosen.
Method of Instruction
Self study
Formal progress reports have to be submitted.
Each student will have a member of academic staff to act as their supervisor.
Thesis (%TBC) - all theses are blind marked by the project supervisor and one other academic
Presentation and oral exam (%TBC)
Recommended Reading

Additional Information
The start date is listed as January; this is when project selection takes place. Students start full time on their projects after their MSc exams in March and work through until the end of their MSc in September.

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