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Module Descriptor

MECHGF01 Group Design Project

Alt. Codes(s) None
Title Group Design Project
UCL Credits/ECTs 30 / 12
Start September
End May
Taught by Prof Mark Miodownik
  Supervision from members of Staff from the Department

All courses taught in the MSc programme.
Course Aims
To provide experience of working as a group, in liaison, where possible, with industry, in order to design a complex engineering product/system or service under stringent time and resource limitations and to assess its commercial potential. To provide the students with an opportunity to: apply formal project management techniques such as planning, resource allocation, cost estimation, project monitoring and reporting; to develop commercial skills and business awareness.
Method of Instruction
Independent study individually and as a group
Group meetings, progress reports and presentations
Supervision by a member of academic staff and where appropriate by industry.
First presentation (10%) and final group presentation/viva (10%)
Midyear project report 10%
Group report/portfolio (55%)
Individual contribution (15%)
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