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Module Descriptor

MECHGB07 Tissue Engineering

Alt. Codes(s) None
Tissue Engineering
UCL Credits/ ECTS 15/7.5
Taught by
Dr Richard Day

At least a 2-ii degree in Science, Engineering or a degree in Medicine.
All candidates must satisfy UCL's English Language requirements.
Course Aims
The learning objectives for the module are:

  • To provide students with specialist knowledge of tissue engineering strategies used to repair, replace and regenerate various tissues and organs
  • To provide practical interdisciplinary experience of technologies relevant to tissue engineering
  • Raise awareness of topical issues associated with tissue engineering

Method of Instruction
The module is taught through a combination of themed lectures, supported by online tutorials and practical exercises. A ‘virtual journal club’ will also enable collaborative learning amongst students, building on their diverse range of background disciplines.
Recommended Reading

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