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Module Descriptor

MECHGB02 Biofluids & Medical Devices

Alt. Codes(s) None
Title Biofluids & Medical Devices
UCL Credits/ ECTS 15/7.5
Start September
Taught by Dr Gaetano Burriesci (Module Coordinator)
  Dr Vanessa Diaz

At least a 2-ii degree in Science, Engineering or a degree in Medicine.
All candidates must satisfy UCL's English Language requirements.
Course Aims
The aim of this module is to apply the basic principles of fluid mechanics to the scientific understanding and modelling of fluid flow in physiological systems.
Most of the course will be devoted to the study of the blood flow in the cardiovascular system, but other fluid flow systems in the body may be analysed.
The first part of the module provides an introduction to fluid mechanics and its application to physiological models, to the rheological properties of blood, and an insight of the cardiovascular system and its modelling.
The second part of the module aims at analysing the interaction between physiological flows and artificial systems, identifying the most important parameters to control in the design of medical devices.
Applications to cardiovascular implantable devices such as artificial heart valves will be examined.
Emphasis will be placed on a physical rather than mathematical understanding of the relevant phenomena, to allow a realistic appraisal of flow dynamics in the body. By the end of the module the students will have a sound knowledge and understanding of fluid dynamics in physiological systems, and the interaction between physiological flows and medical devices
Recommended Reading

  • Humphrey, Delange. An Introduction to Biomechanics,Springer
  • Berger, Goldsmith & Lewis. Introduction to Bioengineering,Oxford
  • Ritter, Reisman & Michniak. Biomedical Engineering Principles,Taylor & Francis
  • Nichols & O’Rourke. McDonald’s Blood Flow in Arteries,Arnold
  • Levick. An Introduction to Cardiovascular Physiology, Arnold
  • Sperelaks, Kurachi, Terzic, Cohen. Heart Physiology and Pathophysiology, Academic Press

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