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Module Descriptor

MECHGB01 Biomaterials

Alt. Codes(s) None
Titles Biomaterials
UCL Credits/ECTS 15/7.5
Start September
Taught by
Prof Mohan Edirisinghe (Module Coordinator)
  Dr Suwan Jayasinghe

At least a 2-ii degree in Science, Engineering or a degree in Medicine.
All candidates must satisfy UCL's English Language requirements
Course Aims
The first few lectures of this course presents an overview of biomaterials, including the properties of natural biomaterials such as skin, bone, hair etc. Metallic biomaterials, including stainless steel and titanium are discussed. This is followed by a few lectures on Co-based alloys, currently these alloys are gathering a great deal of interest for orthopaedic prostheses for the knee, shoulder and hip as well as in fracture fixation devices. An insight into the types of polymers and their potential applications as biomaterials is presented, including polymer devices. Using a case study (such as polyurethane) developmental stages during the design and synthesis of a biomedical polymer is elucidated. Methods of analysing biomedical polymeric materials from the laboratory to in-vitro testing are described. Examples of how degradation of polymeric materials can be harmful to their surroundings and methods which have been developed to overcome such issues are discussed; this part of the course requires students to prepare a short literature review based essay on a relevant aspect designated during the lectures. Bioceramics are discussed in detail, including a case study on hydroxyapatite. A few lectures cover the development of composites for biomedical applications.
Recommended Reading

  • Journal articles cited during lectures from: Biomaterials, J. Mater. Sci. Mater. in Medicine, J. Biomedical Research etc.
  • Biomaterials: The intersection of biology and materials science/J.S. Temenoff, A.G. Mikos, 2008.
  • Biomaterials: An introduction/ Joon Park, R.S. Lakes. -  3rd ed., 2007.

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