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Module Descriptor

MECHG020 New & Renewable Engineering Systems

Code MECHG020
Alt. Codes(s) MECHM020
Title New and Renewable Engineering Systems
Level MSc / MEng
UCL Credits 15
Start September
End March
Taught by
Prof Richard Bucknall (Module Coordinator)
  Dr Chris Nightingale


Mathematics to second year undergraduate level to include complex number theory, ordinary differential equations linear, non-linear 1st order and linear 2nd order homogenous with constant coefficients. Applied scientific or engineering undergraduate academic background.
Course Aims
To achieve competency in using analytical methods for understanding the design and behaviour of new and renewable energy systems – design, operational and integration issues. To provide technical knowledge in renewable technologies so as to appreciate the design features for different systems on land and at sea.
Students having successfully completed the course will have the ability to:

  • Appreciate the range of renewable and alternative power systems and understand why different designs are used in different power applications and appreciate their technical limits.
  • Analyse renewable power systems so as to calculate and relate key parameters such as fluid flow, torque, speed, efficiency, and power under steady-state conditions, etc.
  • Understand the ‘state of the art’ in renewable power systems and appreciate advances in new technologies that will influence future designs.

Method of Instruction
Levelling (2 hrs); Classroom lectures (24 hrs); Classroom tutorials (6 hrs); Revision (2 hrs).
The course has the following assessment components:

  • Written Examination (2 hours, 65%) to be sat in March.
  • 2 piece of coursework (10 hours 35%) TBA

Recommended Reading

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