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Mech Eng undergraduates storm the UK top ten

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Gaby Bourett-Sicotte

Second year UCL Mechanical Engineering students beat fierce competition to be named amongst the best undergraduates in the country.

UCL’s Media Communicator of the Year (Broadcast) is…

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Prof Mark Miodownik (left) with Michael Arthur

UCL Mechanical Engineering’s Professor Mark Miodownik (left) was named UCL’s Media Communicator of the year by UCL Provost Michael Arthur in an awards ceremony at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

Major changes to global shipping needed to reduce emissions

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Low Carbon Shipping Final Report

A major new report from a consortium of British universities (including UCL) and industry bodies suggests radical changes are needed in the shipping industry, if it is to achieve similar decarbonisation pathways to other sectors of the global economy.

Limitless: An interview with Professor Yiannis Ventikos

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Prof Yiannis Ventikos

Yiannis Ventikos is the Kennedy Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Head of UCL Mechanical Engineering. He moved to UCL from Oxford where he was a Professor of Engineering Science and a Fellow at Wadham College, since December 2003. Before that, he has worked or studied in Greece, France, the USA and Switzerland.

Prof Ventikos’ research focuses on transport phenomena and fluid mechanics, as they are applied to biomedical engineering problems, energy, innovative industrial processes and bio-complexity.

New device for four-layered macromolecular particles invented

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Macromolecular Rapid Communications March 2014
New process could allow for treatment of four diseases simultaneously.

A new device that allows the mass production of four-layered macromolecular particles and fibres has been invented by a team at UCL Mechanical Engineering. This electrohydrodynamic (EHD) device, which contains four coaxial nozzles that simultaneously deliver four polymer solutions under an applied voltage, can revolutionize the concept of polypharmacy and biomedical engineering applications.

In pictures: SET for Britain 2014

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Dr Paul Hellier at SET for Britain 2014

UCL Mechanical Engineering was well represented at this year’s SET for Britain poster competition for early stage researchers, hosted by the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. The 2014 event, held yesterday in the Palace of Westminster’s riverside terrace, seeks to celebrate cutting edge British based research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. (STEM)

"and the winner is..." researchers Sherwood and Nithyanandan pick up prizes

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Joseph Sherwood

Awards season extends to UCL Mechanical Engineering as former PhD student Dr Joseph Sherwood and current PhD student Anouska Nithyanandan both picked up research-based prizes recently.

"Super-hydrophobic?" Meet Dr Manish K Tiwari

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Dr Manish K Tiwari

UCL Mechanical Engineering lecturer, researcher and member of UCL's Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Dr Manish K Tiwari was born in Durgapur, India. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he received the Dean’s Scholar award during his doctoral research. In this Q&A he talks about heroes, academia and super-hydrophobic surfaces.

Mark Miodownik: Bye bye brolly

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bye bye brolly
With Britain thoroughly soaked, Materials Scientist (Prof) Mark Miodownik writes in the Observer about hydrophobic surfaces i.e. how we can all stay dry...forever.

On the road again: UCL Racing 2014 seeks drivers

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UCL Racing, the team of UCL Mechanical Engineering students which designs and builds a new racing car each year, is looking for drivers to join the 2014 team. The team is launching a competition to find the best student racing drivers. The top four drivers will compete at Formula Student, an international motor racing competition for universities from around the world, held at Silverstone each summer.

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