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What's in a SNAME?

13 December 2013

UCL SNAME student section
Vice-chair Joel Perez Osses, chair Lucy Collins and a tower of pizza at the SNAME social

Student marine group launches first social

You wouldn’t normally find a motley collection of engineering students, a tower of pizza, dozens of cans of beer and a Denzel Washington movie in the Naval Architecture design studio.

In fairness, this was no lecture but a gathering of UCL’s new Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) student section, the first of its kind in the UK.

While UCL’s student section is brand new, SNAME itself boasts a 120-year history as an international community of maritime professionals, with its origins in the United States.

Encouraged by experienced naval architect and UCL lecturer Ema Muk-Pavic, the UCL group was set up earlier this term and has already hosted a visit and lecture from SNAME’s President, Peter Noble, in October. This evening’s pizza-fuelled ‘Crimson Tide’ screening was an altogether less formal affair.

Lucy Collins, mild-mannered Naval Architecture research assistant and chair for the UCL SNAME student section, explained the group’s rationale:

“Our overall aim is to promote an interest in the marine industry among students. That means enabling an exchange of knowledge and ideas between our members, other educational institutions working in this area and of course the professional marine industry.

“When you start your professional career, you are going to be part of a professional body. SNAME is the body in the marine field really geared towards students.

“We are trying to broaden students’ horizons beyond studying; looking further outwards towards industry, to what their jobs will be and how they will continue to develop themselves, to have the skills that they need to succeed in the industry.”

Aiming to attract students from other disciplines to the SNAME section, Lucy and vice-chair Joel Perez Osses were pleased with the turnout to their first social. “We had more people there than we have Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture students on our courses.”

“Was that because of the beer?” we wondered, prompting a chuckle.


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