Engineering affects every aspect of human activity, including designing how cars, planes, ships work and move, how energy is created by combustion, wind or tidal flows, financial algorithms that influence the economy, the improvement of medical devices and more recently how the human body function. Training as a mechanical engineer will lead you into one of the broadest areas of engineering.

It is one of the most demanding disciplines and courses and this is reflected in broad range of industry sectors where mechanical engineers are employed.

The range of possible destination for students is highlighted by the Careers Service. For further information please click on the link: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/students/department

UCL Engineering has a jobs and opportunities service called UCL Talent Bank who actively source internships and other employment opportunities for Engineering students and present CV's to employers.  They have dedicated staff looking for relevant opportunities for Engineering students.  To sign up and for further information please click on the link:

UCL Talent Bank

There are a number of routes for training to becoming an engineer at UCL Mechanical Engineering including undergraduate, masters, doctoral programmes, and the specialist training courses (MTEC and Submarine Design course). All the training programmes are accredited by the relevant learned societies. UCL Mechanical Engineering organises group discussions from company representatives and academic staff are available to give advice to students and tutees. UCL provides a dedicate Careers Service which organises an annual jobs fare. For further information please click on the link: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/

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