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The First MBPhD Baby

We are very pleased to announce the birth of Sean and Saba's gorgeous baby boy, Zak Blandin Knight.  Zak was born on Sunday 14th December, weighing 3.3kg. We wish them all well.

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Bryan A Strange
Functional organization of the hippocampal longitudinal axis
Nature Reviews - October 2014


Annual Dinner: Thursday 19th March 2015

Annual Symposium: Thursday 29th January 2015


Online information booklet

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Research Projects & Supervision


MBPhD students undertake their projects within the School of Life and Medical Sciences (aka SLMS).  In the first instance, the student expresses an interest in a particular field. The MBPhD programme tutors will then guide the student to appropriate potential supervisors.   The student looks up websites and papers, goes to see the prospective supervisor, assesses the position, and decides whether or not to proceed.

For examples of the of the type of research projects within the School of Life and Medical Sciences which may be available, use the following institute links:



  • view the School of Life & Medical Sciences Research Domains here...
  • visit the Institutional Research Information System (IRIS).  This is the research portal for UCL where you can learn more about researchers' activities, research groups, research centres and interdisciplinary networks across the whole of UCL.


Each student has a Supervisory Panel consisting of one Principal and one Subsidiary Supervisors. These supervisors will be members of staff of UCL or members of staff of an institution with an approved agreement with UCL (e.g.g The Francis Crick Institute). All supervisors must be approved by their Faculty Graduate Tutor before they undertake supervision of research students

The Supervisory Panel may also include other persons, for instance members of collaborating bodies, e.g. persons with special expertise necessary for the research. The Supervisory Panel will meet as necessary and be involved at key milestones in the research degree (for example in the MPhil to PhD transfer process, and in the appointment of examiners).

  • So, what can you expect from your Principal and Subsidiary Supervisors? here ...
  • A list of all previous MBPhD primary supervisors is available here...

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