4th European MD/PhD Conference - June 2015

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Bryan A Strange
Functional organization of the hippocampal longitudinal axis
Nature Reviews - October 2014


Annual Dinner: Thursday 19th March 2015

Annual Symposium: Thursday 28th January 2016 - tbc



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MBPhD Programme - Guidance on Regulations

The MBPhD Programme is uniquely governed by both the MBBS and Research Degrees regulations.

During the approved PhD period of study* the student will be governed by the UCL Research Degree Regulations. Upon their return to MBBS Year 5 (Life Cycle) they are governed by the regulations for MBBS degrees.

MBPhD students will not be permitted to return to the MBBS programme before submitting a thesis for the PhD examination and will not be permitted to take the final examination for the MBBS degrees before being examined for the PhD examination.

A return to the MBBS programme will be determined by an academic review at 24 months of PhD registration (see Academic Review & Monitoring Regulations).

If a student is unable to submit their thesis by the end of their approved period of registration  they may register as Completing Research Student Status (CRS) for 12 months while they write up their theses. CRS status means that students do not pay fees but have access to UCL facilities and can have one draft of their thesis read by their Supervisor (Graduate Research Degrees - Code of Practice). Transfer to CRS status is only permitted with the approval of the students supervisor and the Faculty Tutor and the student must have successfully upgraded from MPhil to PhD.  

Please note there is no central funding provision for extensions of a students PhD beyond the approved period of study and it the responsibility of Supervisors to source additional funding for any extended research period.

* Approved period of study
   2 years 8 months for students enrolled on MBPhD programme prior to 2014, and 3 years for students enrolled on the MBPhD programme from 2014 onwards.

UCL Codes / Regulations / Guidelines:


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