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Annual Symposium 2017

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN - This event is taking place on Thursday 26th January 2017 and will incorporate the 2016 Cordwainer's Prize talks. More...

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If you are planning to present your research at international conference, don't forget to apply for an Astor Travel Bursary. More...

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MBPhD Programme

The UCL MBPhD Programme is a course designed for students who aim at a clinical career that embodies a substantial research component. 


Graduates might work in university (‘academic’) medicine, or in clinical medicine aimed at development of new styles of investigation or management of patients.  They might work in the pharmaceutical industry, public health planning of medical services, or even in financial services aimed at funding of clinically-related commercial ventures.

The programme enables undergraduate medical students to integrate a PhD with their clinical education and provides a structure for working across traditional boundaries between the laboratory bench and the clinical bedside.


The programme is only available to students who are currently undertaking a Primary Medical Qualification (MBBS, MBChB or equivalent) at a UK Medical School.

Students will graduate with a UCL M.B B.S. and a UCL PhD.

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