Tutorials for First Years


Tutorials are provided for the modules MATH1101/1102, MATH1201/1202, MATH1301/1302, MATH1401/1402.  These tutorials are held in small groups (usually about 6 - 7 students, although some may be larger) for an hour each week. Tutorials provide a good opportunity to sort out any material from the lectures that you haven't understood. Don't be afraid to ask questions - this is one of the things the tutorials are for!

Term 2 tutorials

These will start next week (week starting 18 Jan).  The groups are in general the same as last term, and so are most but not all of the tutors.

Please click here for list of assignment of students to tutorial groups.  Please note that if you are not a full-time first year student on a Mathematics degree, you fall into one of groups 38 - 41.

Please click here for list of tutors for each tutorial group. You can expect your tutor(s) to e-mail you over  the next few days to arrange the time of the tutorial.  If you are in group 38-41 the tutorials may start a little later.