Start of Session

Welcome, or welcome back. Below is information for new or returning students for the start of session 2017-18. Lectures start in the week of 2 October 2017.

Induction Week For First Years

First year Mathematics: Induction week 25 September - 29 September 2017

All first-year students reading for a maths degree (single or combined honours) should attend all the events listed below. It is particularly important that you attend the department induction.

MONDAY 25 SEPTEMBER 11:30 – 13.15 Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre (Darwin Building)
Departmental Induction, Welcome to Department and Group work

(i) Departmental Registration. You will receive an information pack, and complete Departmental Registration.
(ii) Welcome to department. Prof NR McDonald (Head of Department), Dr Robert Bowles (Admissions Tutor) and Dr Mark Roberts (Departmental Tutor) will introduce themselves and talk about the course. Representative from ADM (UCL Maths) Society will appear briefly.
(iii) Group work. You will then be divided into your small tutor groups, and asked to work together on some problems.

13.15 – 14.00
Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre (Darwin Building)

Meet your mentors

This will include information on Finance and bursaries, Budgeting, Rights and Advice, accommodation issues, Clubs and Societies, Volunteering at UCL (UCL Students Union), Student Ambassadors Scheme, Tutoring and Mentoring Scheme (Widening Participation Unit), Health Services (Gower Place Surgery) and Counselling Service. You will also meet your second year mentors.

2.00 – 2.30 Tutors' offices (25 Gordon Street and Kathleen Lonsdale Building)
Visit to personal tutors

You will go to your tutorial groups to meet your personal tutor. This is also an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


College Registration

Once you have completed pre-enrolment you will be sent an email telling you when and where to enrol. If you fail to complete pre-enrolment or don't receive any communication about these arrangements before you are due to arrive, please contact the New Students Team. All students are required to enrol within the two weeks from their official programme start date.

13.00 – 13.50 Cruciform B304LT  (Cruciform Building)
"An Introduction to University Maths" (Dr John Talbot)

14:00 - 16:00 Calculus Class Group 2 – Roberts Building – Room 106

[4.00 Only for students on combined degree Mathematics with Management Studies
MSI Student Reception, 1st Floor, Engineering Front Building
You will get some information on the Management part of your degree.]


10:00 - 15:00 Zero Tolerance Workshops – Torrington (1-19) 115 Galton LT

The Maths department is committed to challenging sexual harassment and support students and staff who experience it. The workshops will be delivered by the UCLU Women's Officer and will be supported by the UCLU staff. The workshops are one hour in length and will run at

1000-1100, 1100-1200, 1200-1300, 1300-1400 and 1400-1500.

12:00 - 14:00 Calculus Class Group 1 – Roberts 106 –Roberts Building

[3.00 Only for students on combined degree Mathematics with Economics
D103, 25 Gordon Street. Meet with the Economics Tutor, Dr Frank Witte]

16:30 - 18:00 Calculus Class Group 2 – Harrie Massey LT (25 Gordon St)

THURSDAY 28th September

All first-year students reading for a maths degree (single or combined honours) should attend all the events listed below.

09:00 - 10:00 Induction Mathematics Test

This is a short test of basic mathematics, designed to give us an idea of your starting level. You will have to pass a similar test as part of the MATH1401 module later in the term.

[11.00 Only for students on combined degree Mathematics with Physics
Physics A1/3, Physics Building.

Meet with the Physics Tutor, Dr Stan Zochowski]

15:30 - 17:00 Calculus Class Group 1 - Harrie Massey LT (25 Gordon St)


09.00 –09.20 Darwin B40 (Darwin Building)
Careers Talk (Dr Kathy Barrett, Careers Service)

09.20– 10.20 Darwin B40 (Darwin Building)
Lecture on study skills (Dr Robert Bowles)

10.30 – 10.55 Darwin B40 (Darwin Building)
Small talks by various Societies

10.30: UCLU Business Society

10.35: UCL Economics Society 

10.40: UCL Engineers without Borders 

10.45: UCL Library 

12.00 – 1.00 Room 706, Mathematics Department (25 Gordon Street)

Please don't all come at 12.00 (otherwise there will be a lot of chaos and very long queues). Please attend according to your degree as follows:

12.00 Maths/Physics, Maths and Statistics, Maths with Management Studies
12.15 Maths with Mathematical Physics, Mathematics with Modern Languages, Maths with Economics Surnames A – O
12.30 Maths with Economics Surnames P - Z
12.45 Maths Surnames A – L
1.00 Maths surnames M– Z, Affiliate students, anyone else

[3.00 Only for student son combined degree Mathematics and Statistics
Room 102 (Statistics Lecture Room), Statistics Department, 1-19 Torrington Place
Welcome for MASS Students and introduction to Statistics Department (Dr Matina Rassias)

Induction talk on College computing facilities (for all students on maths degrees): these will be available every half hour from 11.00 to 2.30 on Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th September at J Z Young Lecture Theatre, Anatomy Building on the Gower Street. Please go to one session.

1st YEAR MATHEMATICS LECTURES START ON MONDAY 2 OCTOBER. If you are doing a combined degree it is possible that lectures in the other department(s) may start sooner.

* Note: There will be a freshers' barbeque for 1st year Mathematics students in the subsequent week on Friday 13th October from 5.30pm - 9.00pm in the Wilkins Front Quad, on the main Gower Street site, organised by ADM Maths Society. In case of rain, this event will be held in the Wilkins North Cloisters, Wilkins Building.

Also please note, on Wednesday 01November at 1pm the UCL photographer will be at the Front Quad, Wilkins Building, to take the 2016-17 Departmental Photograph of all staff and students in the Department.

Please contact Dr. Roberts if you have any queries.

Dr Mark Roberts (Departmental Tutor), Room 604A, Mathematics Department:

Registration for Honours Students

This applies to undergraduates reading for single or combined Honours degrees in Mathematics and affiliate students. There are 3 stages, all of which must be completed.

(i) College enrolment
(ii) Start of session meetings
(iii) On-line module registration via Portico

1. College Enrolment (Main Building)
Front Quad, Wilkins Building – Main UCL Campus, Gower Street Site

This is the process that makes sure that you are a student at UCL and ensures that have ID card, college computer account, etc.

New undergraduates: Tuesday 27 September at 10.30
(Some international students attending the International Students Orientation Programme may have an appointment to enrol from Wednesday 28th September to Friday 30th September.

Continuing Students: should have already enrolled on-line or by post.

2. Start of Session Meeting in Mathematics Department

Year 1 Monday 26 September Darwin Lecture Theatre
Darwin Building

This makes sure that the Mathematics department knows that you are a student, checks that you are on the right degree, gives you departmental information, collects some information from you.

ALL PTR Students (Year 1, 2, 3)

All part-time revision students should see Dr Roberts (Room 604A) on Wednesday 28th September 11am- 12pm or Monday 3rd October 1-2pm.

3. Options meetings for continuing students

Year 2 Wednesday 28 September Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre,
25 Gordon Street
Year 3/4 Friday 30 September
Roberts G06

These meetings provide some information and advice about options. Third years interested in doing the Maths Education module should attend the meeting with the course organiser at 13.00 on Thursday 29 September in Roberts Building Room 422.

4. On-line Module Registration

This actually registers you for modules (you are already pre-registered for compulsory modules, which means that most first years do not need to do anything about this, except check that you are indeed registered for the correct modules). You register on-line using the Portico system. Your choice of modules has to then be approved on-line by both teaching department (if you take any modules outside Mathematics) and parent department. Some departments require that you do some registration procedure with them - please check on relevant web-site.

For any queries, please see Dr. Mark Roberts, Maths Dept Room 604A, phone: (0)207 679 2833 or e-mail: m.l.roberts AT

Options for Students going in year 2/3/4

As can be seen from the specific degree structures, all students on Mathematics degrees have some options in year 3, and most have an option in year 2.

To help you choose your options, please click here to be taken to the Degree Structures and Options page

Students from other Departments

Students from other departments wishing to take Mathematics modules should click here.

Affiliate Students

Mathematics Affiliate Students

All affiliate students admitted to the Department of Mathematics must attend this meeting with the Affiliate Tutor, Dr. Louder (l.louder AT 

Thursday 21 September Maths Room - 609