Office Hours

The office hours for members of staff this term (Term 2, 2013-14) are as follows:

Name Office Hours - day, time, room
Ahmad, Dr R
Benincasa, Mr G
Berntson, Mr B
Bishop, Prof SR
Mon 5-6pm
Boehmer, Dr C
Bowles, Dr R
Fri 9-10, Room 603
Burman, Prof E
Thurs 3-4pm, 807b
Crisafi, Miss A
Wed 11am-12pm, Cruciform B.3.06
Daw, Mr C
Evans, Dr J
Please email to make an appointment
Halburd, Prof R
Johnson, Prof ER
Tues 2-3pm, Room 805
Johnson, Prof FEA
Kamotski, Dr I
Kurylev, Prof Y
Laczkovich, Prof M
Larman, Dr D
no office hours
López Peña, Dr J
Louder, Dr L
McDonald, Prof NR
Tues 10-11am, Room 608 *
Nadim, Mr J
Tues 3-4pm, Room 713
Oksanen, Dr L
Fri 2-3pm, Room 609
Page, Dr K
Parnovski, Prof L
Petridis, Dr I
Please email to make an appointment
Roberts, Dr M
Seri, Mr M
Singer, Prof M
Smith, Prof FT
Thurs 1-2pm, Room 712
Sobolev, Prof A
Mon 10-11am, Room 710
Strouthos, Dr I
Talbot, Dr J
Timoshin, Dr S
Fri 12-1pm, Room 803
Townsend, Mr A
no formal office hour **
Vanden-Broeck, Prof J-M
Please email to make an appointment
Vassiliev, Prof D
 Wed 2-4pm, Room 504a
Wenld, Dr C
Wilton, Dr H
Zaikin, Prof A

* Please note there will not be an office hour for Prof R McDonald on Tuesday 11th February 2014.

** If you need to discuss anything with Mr A Townsend you can find him in his office. Please click here for directions to his office

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