If you are eligible for a referral this year, you will be contacted and asked to confirm if you wish to take up the referral: you will then be given the exact date.

The dates for those students sitting referrals in September 2015 is the 1st to the 4th.

Please read the relevant section below whether you are a Mathematics student, or from another department.

Please click here for more informaiton on referrals.

Start of Session

Welcome, or welcome back. Below is information for new or returning students for the start of session 2015-16. Lectures start in the week of 5th October 2015.

Please click here for further information regarding the start of session.

Choice of Options

As can be seen from the specific degree structures, all students on Mathematics degrees have some options in year 3, and most have an option in year 2.

To find out more about Options, please click here.

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