Students Studying Other Degrees

If you are a student from another department and are taking a Mathematics module, you may be offered a referral if you narrowly fail this modules. The exact conditions under which you will be offered a referral depend on your home department, but you must certainly meet the following conditions:

(i) you are not graduating this year

(ii) you have a mark within the referral range of 30 - 39% for the module

(iii) you have the possibility of progressing to the next year of the course if you pass all available referrals.

The arrangements for referrals in Mathematics modules are as follows:

If you are offered and accept a referral, then you are required to work on the module over the summer and take an exam at UCL during 29 August - 5 September 2017. The examination will be the same examination as the main examination you took in May (you will be able to find it on the Maths web-page), and will be sat under examination conditions. If you achieve at least 60% on this exam, then you will be awarded the minimum pass mark (40%) and the half-unit for that module. You then of course cannot retake that module. If you refuse the referral, or fail to meet the criterion, then your fail mark remains and you retain the possibility of retaking that module next year (if this is your first attempt).

It is your responsibility to make sure that you can be contacted about referrals if necessary (we will use your UCL e-mail address), and to make yourself available for examinations during this referral period.

If visa problems or other serious problems mean that you cannot take referrals during this week it may be possible to re-arrange your referral(s) for 27/28 July 2017: if this is the case, you must contact the Mathematics Departmental Tutor promptly after you receive the referral information to obtain permission for this.

We will contact you by e-mail if you are eligible for a referral. If you think you should be eligible and have not been contacted, please let the Mathematics Departmental Tutor, Dr Roberts, know (m.l.roberts AT

Arrangements for referrals in modules from other departments may be different.

Please click here for the 2016/17 referral timetable.

The August/September referral exams will take place at 14:00.

The 27/28 July referrals will take place in room 706 at 25 Gordon Street.