First Year Midsessional Examinations

MATH1101, MATH1201, MATH1301, MATH1401 & ECON1604

12 – 16 January 2015

All students taking any of these modules should take the mid-sessional examinations corresponding to the modules for which they are registered. 
This includes students from other departments: the only exception are (i) affiliate students who are only here for the autumn term, and (ii) students re-taking the module without re-attending who have already passed the course-work.  The mark for each mid-sessional exam will count 5% towards the mark for that module.

Please come at least 5 minutes before the advertised start of the exam to the lecture theatre to which you are assigned, bringing your UCL ID card with you.

UCL timetable: please note that your timetable may show more times and locations for these exams than are relevant to you: please disregard these and follow the information given below.

The timetable and location of exams will be available on this page closer to the time.  Please make sure you go to the room assigned to your degree programme. Note that the maths lectures MATH1102, 1202, 1302, 1402 and ECON1604 will not take place during this week, but lectures in other departments will. If one of your mid-sessional exams clashes with any lecture, please let me know as soon as possible (this may apply particularly to Maths with Languages).

Please see more detailed instructions on the exam process Guide to Mid-sessional Exams (pdf).

Mark Roberts (Dept Tutor)
m.l.roberts AT
29 November 2013

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