Extenuating Circumstances

If there are any circumstances which affect your examination performance, either during the period of study or during the exam period, and which you would like taken into account, please discuss this with the Departmental Tutor as early as possible and in any case no later than one week after the relevant exam. Typical circumstances which might be taken into account are serious or prolonged illness, disability or bereavement.

If you want extenuating circumstances taken into account, you must fill in and submit the Extenuating Circumstances form before the given deadline. Medical circumstances must be supported by a letter from a GP or hospital. You should make sure you are registered with a GP in the UK.

If you are a finalist, and there are special circumstances which you wish to be taken into account when considering your class of degree (or in relation to the resit penalty for any paper), you should ensure the Departmental Tutor is aware of them. This applies to circumstances during any of the previous years of study or the examination period.

A pdf version of the extenuating circumstances can be found here:

Extenuating Circumstances form (PDF)

or can be obtained from the Maths office (Maths Room 610).

Information will be kept confidential and special circumstances will be discussed by a small committee of examiners.