Degree Structures


(i) To graduate with a BSc degree, students must

(a) pass at least 11 units;
(b) complete all 12 units;
(c) pass at least 3 units at advanced level.

(ii) To graduate with an MSci degree students must

(a) pass at least 14.5 units;
(b) complete all 16 units;
(c) pass at least 3 units at Masters level -


(i) Completing a module does not mean passing it, but it does mean attempting the exam and also attempting any component of assessment worth more than 10%. This means it is important you do not just miss an exam.

(ii) You should not assume that the degree structure given here (or the portico rules) automatically means that you will fulfil the above conditions. Please check and discuss if necessary.

(iii) The rule on passing 3 units at advanced level is a correction to earlier information: it has now been clarified that you must pass, not just take, 3 units at advanced level in order to graduate. All third year maths modules are at advanced level, and so are MATH7102, 7202, 7302 and 7402. You may need to check the level of modules from other departments. Most students will automatically take more than 3 units at advanced level, but if you are doing a combined degree and/or taking outside options which are not advanced, you may only be taking 3 units at advanced level. If you are in the 3rd year and have only 3 units of advanced options in total, you may be advised to think about changing options to add another advanced one.

(iv) 4th year MSci students are strongly advised to take at least 3.5 units at Masters level. All modules with code MATHM* are at Master's level and in general you can expect modules from other departments with an M code to be at Master's level.


Year 3 Mathematics Options

Designated Year 3 Options

Year 4 Mathematics Options

4th Year Project MATHM901

Outside Options


The following gives the detailed degree structure for each degree (BSc and MSci):


Mathematics with Theoretical Physics/Mathematics with Mathematical Physics

Mathematics with Economics

Mathematics with Management Studies

Mathematics with Modern Languages

Mathematics and Physics

Mathematics and Statistics

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