Help with the Project


You will meet with your supervisor on a regular basis (probably once every week or two weeks) to discuss your progress and to get guidance on what to read, what to try to do next, etc. You will be asked to write a short progress report at the end of the first term.


Projects are normally expected to be typeset using the mathematical word-processing package LATEX. Information and a brief training session on using LATEX will be provided after the examinations this summer on Thursday 23 May at 10.00 (Room 505, 25 Gordon Street) and Friday 24 May at 10.00 (Public Cluster 105, 25 Gordon Street). You must attend these sessions. If these dates are not possible for you, please contact Dr Bowles beforehand. If you do not attend training this year requests for help next year will be ignored.

Presentation skills

During the middle of the autumn term you will get a short course on giving talks which will include the chance to see yourself on video. This can be very illuminating, and hopefully will make it easier to talk and present material effectively - an ability that is likely to be useful not only in the presentation of your project, but also after you have finished your degree, whether you are in teaching or other jobs.

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