Year 4 Project

An important part of the fourth year of the MSci is the project MATHM901, which all fourth year students on Mathematics degrees do. (If you are taking Mathematics and Physics or Mathematics and Statistics, it may be possible to do a project in the other department instead.) Full information about the project can be found HERE (; please look at this.

You now need to look at the list of possible supervisors and see who might be offering projects suitable for you. Then discuss possible projects with the relevant supervisors, and, by 27 May, submit on-line (please click here for online form) your list of possible supervisors in order of preference. Students will be assigned to supervisors on 6 June, and you will hear soon after this who is your supervisor. You should then contact your supervisor (in person or by e-mail) to find out what preliminary work on the project you should do over the summer.

You should also attend the post-exam course on Mathematical Writing (including LaTeX) in late May/early June: more information about this will be provided shortly.

If you have any queries or problems about the project, please discuss with me.

Mark Roberts (Dept Tutor)

Choice of Options

As can be seen from the specific degree structures, all students on Mathematics degrees have some options in year 3, and most have an option in year 2.

To find out more about Options, please click here.

This will be updated for the 2016-17 period shortly.

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