1. Start of Session

Information about the new academic year 2014-15 is now available at the Start of Session section of the Maths website. You will be able to find information about:

2. Referrals for Mathematics Modules

If you are eligible for a referral this year, you will be contacted and asked to confirm if you wish to take up the referral: you will then be given the exact date.

If you are eligible for a referral you will be contacted by e-mail (on your UCL e-mail account). It is your responsibility to check your UCL e-mail account regularly and to make sure that you pick up and respond to any message about referrals in good time. In particular if you are not going to be in the UK you should ensure that you have your up-to-date password to access your account.

Referrals will take place during the week of 1 - 4 September 2015. It is your responsibility to make yourself available for examinations during this referral week.

If visa problems or other serious problems mean that you cannot take referrals during this week it may be possible to re-arrange your referral(s) for 29-31 July 2015: if this is the case, you must contact the Departmental Tutor promptly after you receive the referral information to obtain permission for this.

To find out more, please go to the Referrals Section and read the section that applies to you, depending on whether you are a Mathematics student, or a student from another department.

You can find the paper(s) you are going to sit on the Available Examinations page.

Mark Roberts (Dept Tutor)

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