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4 October 2013

Global System Dynamics and Policies: Best Practice Guidelines. The full report is available on PDF here

23 August 2013

Steven will go to Kenya as part of his Dream Fellowship to see Animesh Kumar, who works for the UN in Nairobi and also visit Maseno University near Kisumu. More >

19 July 2013

Giving a talk at the 3rd European PhD Summer School and workshop on "Mathematical modeling of Complexity", 17-19 July More >

10 July 2013

Steven in Malta till the 13th visiting the Malta Information Technology Agency and holding a UCL Alumni Event. More >

13 June 2013

Steven will participate at the 3rd Technical workshop: Adapting to climate change, in Brussels. You can read the programme here >

10 - 12 June 2013

2nd Open Global Systems Science Conference in Brussels organised by GSDP, the Global Climate Forum, EUNOIA, FOC, INSITE, MULTIPLEX, NESS, HLRS and ECLT. Read the Agenda here >


Malta - July 2013


Short blog of a visit to Malta to speak with Alan Attard and others at the Malta Information Technology Agency (MIRT).

My visit coincides (by happy coincidence, I add, rather than planning) with an official visit of the European Union President Herman Von Ronpuy. I doubt very much that I will get to meet him but it will mean heightened interest in government affairs. MITA advise the Maltese government of technical matters and so it is fascinating to learn of the issues that they have to deal with and how they cope with them. Two that spring to my mind are of water shortages and issues around migration. Of course the main issues may lie with financial stability and so it will be obvious that even though Malta is a small island it is still strongly influenced by connections to elsewhere.

Malta is, as I say, is a small island where everybody probably knows everybody. So there is also an issue of, how shall I put it, favouritism. The BBC had an interesting survey on their web page the other day about corruption. How this influences decisions that the government have to make in Malta will be interesting to discover.

Interesting to see that both migration and corruption feature on the front page of the local paper - Malta Today.


The issue of migration is not simply one of numbers but a political issue as the Maltese Government want to repatriate some immigrants, while the European Court of Human Rights says that they should not do so. So President Herman Von Ronpuy will have his work cut out to explain the benefits of European integration to a local population overcrowded (according to some sources) and under resourced to really help these migrants. And yet, as I say this, on page 5 of the same paper that more that a third of properties are vacant. How useful it is to have such information to hand when debating matters.

On the other hand the taxi driver on the way here tells me that they have solved the water problem by having lots of de-salination units.

But, the main purpose of my visit is to understand how policy makers take their decisions. What information do they use and how do they frame the problems and solutions.

I had a fascinating meeting at MITA.


They have broad interests for their work with data but also lots of interest shown about the modelling side.  Of course specific interest about the use of social media especially in the egovernance domain.

My host, Alan Attard,


explained the workings of MITA to support the Maltese government by providing ICT policy. One thorny issue is one of health data.

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